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MUCH FIRKIN FACTS & FIGURES : MUCH FIRKIN    Status									:	available for exhibitions   Size												:	26’ X 6’   Gauge/Scale	:	0   Operators					:	4   Enquiries for this layout to Bob Bailey

An Gauge ‘O’  7mm model based on a proposed extension to the Cloebury Mortimer and Ditton Priors Light Railway in Shropshire. This involved building a line from the Severn Valley branch to the Much Wenlock branch a joint venture by both GWR and LMS and connecting this to the extension from Ditton Priors northwards to 800 yds east of Much Firkin. Work was approved and building finished during the 1930’s thus opening a wider  area to the local mine and mineral companies. It also allowed the Royal Navy to have an ordnance depot just south of Ditton Priors.The layout is based circa 1948 around Spring time and traffic is fairly busy with both inbound and outbound either to connect to the CM&DP Lt Rly or exchange with the jointly operated  LMS and GWR rail link between the Much Wenlock Branch and the Severn Valley Railway, now operated by British Railways.

Much Firkin station and goods yard is the terminus for CM&DP Lt Rly passenger traffic and sidings for exchange goods traffic through to either Iron Bridge industrial area or to the Birmingham and Wolverhampton area. Passengers can connect with the service from Kidderminster or Wellington / Shrewsbury area.

The exchange sidings handle stone and granite set traffic from the Abden Clee Stone Quarry also some coal traffic for workings and local villages. Local business traffic is also sent up and down, such as timber or engineering supplies.

Passenger traffic is fairly busy with commuters for the Birmingham or Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury areas, with local and general movements during off-peak times with hourly services.

Photos courtesy of Richard Banks

Much Firkin appeared at our 2023 show