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The new Folkestone MRC "O" Gauge layout is now well under construction.

It is a large oval layout consisting of 22 base boards each measuring 4 feet by 2 foot 8 inches. This will produce a continuous running layout 35 feet by 15 feet.  The layout although fictitious is based on Southern practise in the early 1960s. It does however allow running rights for any regional visitors particularly GWR and LMS .    

All baseboards are completed, with the track laid wired and tested. Much of the scenic work has also been completed but it is expected to be another 2 years before all details are finished.


Shown for the first time at our exhibition in 2013 and in 2016, due to appear again in 2020.

FACTS & FIGURES : HAWKESDOWN     Status									:	Available   Size												:	35’ X 15’   Gauge/Scale	:	0 / 7mm   Operators					:	4