Saturday, 26th August

1000hrs to 1600hrs

 St. Andrews Methodist Church Hall,

Cheriton Road, Cheriton.

CT19 4DY

Folkestone, Hythe & District Model Railway Club

Our exhibition has been running for many years, in fact, the 2018 show will be our 47th

It takes over three years to organise a show from start to finish, even when the show is over there is the initial packing up, clearing the venue and re-storing and club equipment and layouts back at the club room. Although the exhibition shuts at 5pm we are just about finished clearing by about 9.30pm. In addition there is the post-exhibition anaylsis (or post-mortem - as we like to call it) a few weeks after the show when club members can air their views on how the show went and offer their views on alterations.

Our trade and society stands are invited in January of the exhibition year, if you are a trader and wish to be considered for our show get in touch, bare in mind that we try not to have too much duplication of traders, likewise we like to restrict the number of societies at our show.