Folkestone, Hythe & District Model Railway Club

Ashgate is the new 00 Modern Image layout for the club, it replaces a layout of the same name which has recently been retired. The original layout was an amalgamation of the old steam layout “Bridport South” with some new modern image boards. The new fiddle yard (shown as the mainly black sections) was built a few years ago for use with the old Ashgate boards. A decision was made to retire all the remaining boards and replace with new ones. The new boards are 4’ x 3’ and are the white ones shown in the photos below. Track planning/laying was completed and wiring due to be completed by February 2015, followed by testing.

Part of the layout was shown as a demonstration at our show in October 2014.

A tradition that will be continued will be the station computer display showing arrival / departure information for trains calling at the station (once it is built!).

FACTS & FIGURES : ASHGATE  Status									:	Under Construction  Size												:	24’ x 14’  Gauge/Scale	:	00 / 4mm Operators					:	4 Club Layouts - Ashgate
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